Why It’s Important to Look for the Good

During a seminar last year, my wife and I received a recommendation for the film The Secret, available online and also as a book.  I’ve just started to read the book, but the basic idea is using the power of attraction – what you focus on is what increases in your life.  I write a little about each day, focusing on positive things that happened.  It’s so important to look for the good since how you view the world affects how you feel, it’s not the events.  This is why some people who’ve had a difficult life are still able to be optimistic yet others who seem to have everything are miserable.  Even things that seem to be negative can end up being positive in the long run.

I’ve haven’t always been successful in applying these principles, but I’m trying to do it as much as I can, especially by not being around people who always choose to see the worst.