Tips on Raising Money with Facebook

Carie Lewis, Internet Marketing Manager at the Humane Society recently blogged about her organization’s success in using Facebook on Wild Apricot’s non-profit technology blog.  Major points:

  • Through collaboration with Project Agape, which runs the Facebook Causes application, they’ve had success in connecting with constituents who are active in other nonprofit organizations with similar missions
  • MySpace or Facebook?  Although it’s a bit early to know for sure, so far they’ve had more success with fundraising on Facebook and advocacy on MySpace.
  • In addition to Facebook Causes, they’ve also participated in applications available at and Care2

Many specific suggestions in getting the most in engaging constituents through Facebook are in the blog posting, Using Facebook to Spread Your Message.

An interview with Project Agape staff about Causes Facebook is available on the Non-Profit Tech Blog.  Causes has raised over $300,000 in only a few months of operation!