Please Join Me in Supporting Nten

2013 Nten ChallengeI have joined a fundraising campaign for the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network.  Ever since joining the nonprofit community in 2000, I have found Nten to be an unmatched resource for information and resources.  Through its annual Nonprofit Technology Conference and monthly 501Tech meetings, I’ve also enjoyed the support of a wonderful network of giving professionals.

While my core expertise is technology, my role has expanded into fundraising and communications, and so has Nten.  Some of its many services are webinars, reportssharing communities, as well as the recently added Technology Leadership Academy.

Please donate to keep our group strong.  If you work in nonprofit, there is no better way to get ongoing help with your job while making many long-lasting friendships.  Also see my post from last year, Why I Love Nten.

Updated 12/14/13 Thank you to everyone who helped me reach my $500 goal:  Grace Barry, Hermine Berowitz, Daniel Buckley, David Hillman, Steve Jacobson, Kelli Karvetski, Barry Levittan, ,Shana Masterson, Kristina Nillson,  Beth Nivin, Carl Reid, Steven Salsberg, Phyllis Shelton,  Kristin Martin Stone, Craig Weinrich, Mark Ziring

  • Julia Smith

    Thank you so much for continuing to support NTEN, Norman!