Getting Stats on Your Twitter Activity

I’ve been helping my organization analyze the success of our Twitter activity, but have spent considerable time analyzing our tweets to determine what topics have resonated most with our audience.  Recently, I’ve discovered some new tools which make the process easier.

Twitter Analytics MenuFirst, Twitter finally has its own analytics, available here (sign in to Twitter Ads, then go to Analytics on top menu.  You don’t have to be a paid advertiser to access analytics.).  These statistics are clearly at an early stage, not as useful as Facebook Insights and not at all comparable to what Google Analytics offers for web sites.  But the information provided is useful, and I’m sure it will continue to improve. Read this useful analysis of Twitter’s early offering.

Second, I recently discovered Twitonomy, which like many social media tools has a free and paid mode.  The paid service (it’s only $20 for one month) gives you more flexibility in reporting periods. Detailed data is available on overall Twitter activity, mentions/retweets and followers.

Finally, Twitter Counter also offers information on followers, mentions, retweets etc. in a slightly different format.  Like Twitonomy, it has a free and paid mode, but Twitonomy seems to offer more historical information once you become a paid user.

My take.  While these statistics are interesting, you still need to think about what you want your nonprofit’s Twitter activity to accomplish. Increasing your follower count and gaining more attention to your cause is nice, but developing targets for email list growth, donations and other specific calls to action will make it easier to measure the value of why your staff should spend time on Twitter and other social media platforms.