What’s New in ePhilanthropy

The million dollar question – how can you get your social media community to engage more with your organization?  Here are 8 tips for Facebook and a basic social media checklist, especially useful if you’re preparing for a big event.  And here’s how to create an organizational social media culture (e.g. do you have a social media policy?)

When you post is sometimes as important as what you post.  In addition to scheduling updates through tools such as HootSuite, Timely and Buffer, Facebook is now allowing page administrators to schedule posts.

Per Heather Mansfield’s advice on common mistakes nonprofits make in social media, you must take the time to view your organization’s website on smart phones and tablets.  Then work on optimizing your emails for small screens and consider adapting a responsive design for your website.

As a follow-up to my recent post on Blackbaud Acquiring Convio, consider this take on how they should handle such a huge portfolio of software platforms.

If you’re still struggling to create an integrated approach to your online and offline outreach, here’s why nonprofits must tear down their marketing silos.  (Hint – think about how your supporters see your organization, not how you do from inside.)  And offer your Executive Director these 5 Tips on How to Engage Online.

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